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Sunday 17th July

Nicolai Bikes 2011 - Helius AC, Helius AM, Helius CC, Rohloff, Argon FR

Nicolai frames actually need quite an introduction - they seem to be a brand that goes unknown to many people. A small company, based in Germany, Nicolai are slightly unusual these days in that they produce everything themselves, in house. That's not to dismiss any brand who outsources, just a note of just how much attention to detail the people at Nicolai pay.

Nicolai also offer plenty of choice, even within one model;
- choose from over 70 powdercoat colours
- choose the colour of decal to match
- lots of cable routing/mounting options
- custom geometry is also available

all of which is backed up with a wopping 5 year warranty - this is transferable should you ever sell the frame on. If you're choosing a Nicolai, the very best thing is to make contact so that we can discuss all of the options. This really isn't a brand for adding to the basket of a webshop! The UK pricelist is below - if that's too confusing then just ask us for help.

The UK Nicolai site is worth checking for news and updates - the German site has a better rundown of models and photos. They're quite mad with their colour selection, so you can get an idea of what your dream bike might look like too!

Click To Download 104-nicretailpricing2011.pdf