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Sunday 17th July

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Tool of the Week 9!

Extra hands

None of the bits featured in this week's bumper edition deserve to Tool of the Week on their own, so we've got 4 Tools of the Week

First up the standard G-clamp - we don't use them a lot but we have a dirty little one that is very handy for holding cable guides in place whilst we silver solder them to the tubes. (no picture as every g-clamp is the same)

Next we have some simple spring clamps - like you see down the local market, these are handy for stopping tubes falling out of the jig. As they aren't very strong there is no chance they will damage a tube, just what we want

Toe straps - like a big re-usable ziptie, very useful for quick mock ups but they don't handle heat very well.

Hard drive magnets - very strong magnets that can also be used to stop tubes falling out of the jig, they take up much less space compared to the spring clamps, so can be very handy when we start tacking the frame together.

Until I can grow an extra arm or two, I will have to put up with having clamps spread across the workshop