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Sunday 17th July

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Shimano Zee

new range!

As you may have seen, Shimano have a new range coming this year, called Zee. It’s designed to slot in as a more budget Saint, so more for the downhillers ,but we can see this having a wider appeal.

Here’s a quick runthrough the new bits, but they’re not coming until August, so a little patience required!

M640 Disc Brake

Shimano have given us an even more powerful option here, with the same 4 piston idea as Saint, with a simple lever that matches with the latest Deore/SLX etc. you don’t get finned pads, but beggars can’t be choosers!

£145 for caliper/hose/lever, extra for rotors/mounts.

M640 and M645 chainset

These look to be based on the Deore arms, with a much nicer finish to match the rest of the Zee range. I can see this as a nicer option for 1 x 10 trail setups, rather than taking spare rings off a Deore.

M645 is the 83mm bottom bracket version – there’s not much to touch these at the £110 asking price

M640 Rear Mech

Designed to give us a short cage/Shadow Plus option, the M640 rear mech will be available in 2 different versions for different cassette ratios. Again, a tidy option for all sorts of 1 x 10 setups.

£70 for either version.

M640 shifterbbbb

Only a right hand shifter here, so obvious 1 x 10 comments again. I think this’ll be one where you match the shifter to your mech, there’s not a lot to make this too different to the others. 2 way release, as with the current range.


There’s a few more words on this from Dirt and Bikeradar if you’d like more of a read! Otherwise you can give us a shout to get a preorder in!