The Spreadsheet Wonder

Simon, or Si

What's your favourite event?


3 Peaks CX, but I can’t quite explain why - it’s certainly type 2 fun.

What's your favourite bike of all time?

Impossible.  All special at the time, but hard to compare them afterwards.

What's your current bike?

Genesis Vapour Carbon and a Marin Rift Zone

What's the best innovation in bikes or bike related stuff in the past 10 years?

The trickle down effect, in general.  Even with price increases due to exchange rates, cheaper kit is better that it’s ever been.

Why do you ride?

Growing up in the Peak District and having a great couple of mates who were into it to encourage me.  Riding comes and goes in waves for me, but getting off road in some way always features.  Blasts on the CX bike seem to be the thing right now, but I’ve still yet to do a proper CX race!
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