Custom Frames with a Pinion Gearbox


We're one of a small number of framebuilders working with German gearbox company Pinion

Pinion offer a range of gearboxes which we can incorporate into one of our custom frames. These work along similar lines to a Rohloff geared hub, but with the weight better placed low and central in the bike.





There are several Pinion gearboxes that we can offer, for further details click here

- Pinion P1.18 (18 speed, wide range, suits off road touring) £3300
- Pinion P1.12 (12 speed, wide range, suits most MTB applications) £3200
- Pinion P1.9XR (9 speed, wide range, slightly lighter MTB option) £3100
- Pinion P1.9XR (9 speed, closer range, suits city bikes) £3000


Pinion have also announced the C-Line gearboxes, which use the same internals as the P-Line but with a narrower Q-factor all wrapped up in a lighter magnesium case. C-Line gearboxes are a little bit cheaper, although there is no 18 speed version

- Pinion C1.12 (12 speed, wide range, suits most MTB applications) £2700

- Pinion C1.9XR (9 speed, wide range, reduced range and lightweight MTB option) £2600

- Pinion C1.6 (6 speed, city applications) £2500


These prices include a custom 18 Bikes frame with Pinion mounting plate and the same options as our other frames as well as the gearbox, cranks, shifter, cables and front and rear chainrings. We are also able to supply any other Pinion accessories, such as hubs or belt drive components or build you new frame into a complete bike, please email for a quote  


For further information on our custom frames, please click here