King of the Spoke Key

Matt H, Big Matt, The Other Gooner, T'other Matt etc
42.5 years old, riding for about 35 years
What's your favourite trail, ride or event? (or all three!)
Ride - Rivelin Loop
Event - Steel City DH
What's your favourite bike of all time?
Skyway TA or JMC's Stumpjumper from Dirt
What's your current bike?
Santa Cruz Tallboy 3, 2 Genesis Vapours (One disc, one canti) and Saracen Amplitude hardtail
What's the best innovation in bikes or bike related stuff in the past 10 years?
Dropper posts definitely, best thing since disc brakes
Why do you ride?
Starting riding BMX freestyle in the early 80s, dallied with MTBs in late 80s before getting more into them in early 90s. Always just loved riding bikes and doing wheelies. 
You can find Matt on Twitter @Jaffamatt