Workshop Series Production Process

All our Workshop Series models start with the same steps as our full custom frames. It all starts with working out what the frame is for. Once we’ve got an idea of what we need the frame to look like we use BikeCAD to draw a design. This includes all the dimensions you could wish for as well as dropout choice, tubing selection, cable routing and any other smaller details.


Once the design is complete we select the parts needed to make the frame. We use tubing from Reynolds, Deda and Columbus depending on what the frame is designed for. The other small parts, such as dropouts, bottom bracket shells and cable guides typically come from Taiwanese factories although the serial numbers machined into the bottom bracket shells in Sheffield.


Next the jig is set to the drawing and the tubes are marked out and cut to fit. This is where the process differs for the Workshop Series frames as they are made in small batches so we cut several tubes at a time instead of just one.


The braze ons (bottle bosses, cables guides, dropper routing) are silver soldered into the tubes before the frame is finally welded together. After a few finishing touches such as reaming the seat tube it is ready to go for powdercoat.


However, each frame is manganese phosphate dipped for rust protection, inside and out, before it goes to the powdercoater for a hard wearing but attractive finish. Again this all happens right here in Sheffield


Once it’s back in our hands we do final prep of the headtube and bottom bracket so it’s ready for you to assemble, apply the graphics, then it’s either assembled into a bike or boxed up and on it’s way to you!