Cycle to work schemes

Working with the main scheme providers, we can provide you with a new bike via the Cycle to Work scheme.  This works via salary sacrifice, paid monthly from your pay.  It's before tax, so you save a significant percentage as well as spreading the cost over a number of months.


Recent changes mean that the previous £1000 limit doesn't usually apply - this allows suspension mountain bikes and Ebikes as an option too.


We've listed a few of the providers we work with, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.  Please ask if your employer is part of a different scheme and we'll do all we can to work with it!



Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative (GCI) are our favoured provider, certainly who we'd suggest if you or your company are looking to implement a new Cycle to Work Scheme.

We've included their savings calculator, which you can use to give an idea of the savings you can expect!





Much like "Hoover", Cyclescheme is now becoming a household name.  Many large employers are set up with Cyclescheme and we can accept their vouchers.  Click the logo above for more details, or contact us if you're already set up with Cyclescheme and looking to place an order!



Bike 2 Work Scheme


Relative newcomers, Bike 2 Work are another scheme provider that we work with.  Again, clik their logo for more details or contact us to discuss an order.


With all of the above schemes, we can supply a variety of bikes, brands, parts, safety kit and clothing.  If you'd like a quote or you have any questions - just ask!