18 Bikes Frames update and Ex-Demo sale

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18 Bikes Frames update and Ex-Demo sale

Framebuilding News

As many of you will know, and many will probably not, we initially started 18 Bikes as a custom frame brand way back in 2006, before we took over the shop. In that time we've built many different frames for all sorts of disciplines but over the last couple of years we have focussed on trying to get our frames out to more riders. We introduced the Workshop Series as an easier way to get a UK made frame, without the need to design it from scratch.


Juggling the No7 and No9 production along side custom frame orders has proved more difficult than we expected so unfortunately we have made the decision to close the order book for full custom frames on September 30th. If you would like to sneak in then please email Matt directly and he will sort a quote for your dream frame.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our custom frame customers over the years, we have learnt so much from your frames and we always appreciate the pictures of the bikes being used as they were designed to be!



This may be the end of custom but it's definitely not the end of 18 Bikes frames, we have many other projects in the pipeline and we simply need more time to get them off the drawing board and onto the trails

Ex-Demo Sale


As the 2020 model year draws to a close we are selling our demo bikes to update them with 2021 specs so we have the following bikes available:


** SOLD ** No9 475mm NX build in Grey, RRP £2400 - NOW £1800 

** SOLD ** No9 500mm GX build with an upgrade to a Cane Creek Helm (Air) in Melon Yellow, RRP £3100 - NOW £2400

** SOLD ** No7 475mm GX build in Water Blue, RRP £2900 - NOW £2200 **SOLD**

No7 525mm GX build with an upgrade to a Cane Creek Helm (Coil) in Grey, RRP £3100, NOW £2400


** SOLD** We also have a No9 500mm frame in Melon Yellow with some minor paint defects that we are offering with a free Hope Headset.  ** SOLD **


Please email the shop if you're interested in any of these


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