Ride Sheffield

Ride Sheffield was established in 2009, initially as a Facebook group with a view to get mountain bike representation on the Sheffield Local Access Forum.  From there, it's grown to a fully constituted group that has many successful partnerships and projects to its name, such as;


- Stakeholder representation on the Eastern Moors Partnership

- Stakeholder representation with Sheffield Wildlife Trust (Grenoside woods)

- Stakeholder representation on the Blacka Reserve Advisory Group

- Involvement in running the Steel City Downhill, on a purpose built trail in Grenoside woods

- Refurbishment of Totley Pump Track

- Involvement in the build of Parkwood Springs MTB Trail

- Crowdfunding and building of 2 trails at Lady Cannings Plantation

- Management and refurbshment of Bolehills BMX track

- Crowdfunding and design for a new Red grade trail at Redmires

- "Be Nice Say Hi" sign campaign

- Partnership with Peak District MTB on the Cut Gate project

- Regular trail maintenance days across the city

- along with countless smaller, but no less important projects and tasks!



We've been involved with Ride Sheffield right from the off, putting in time at meetings, dig days and countless evenings of email conversations!  We've always supported the Steel City race, with Matt H alternating racing and taking start marshall position each year. Si's usually heckling from the Merchandise stand near the finish line.


Ride Sheffield is a fantastic group to be a part of, making the best of the trails nearby and gradually adding more purpose built trails too.  We've partnered with some brilliant people outside the bike world too, disproving the myth that mountain bikers are a grumpy, self centred bunch!  


To find out more about Ride Sheffield, you can;

- Check out the website

- Sign up to the newsletter

- Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter