Grant 'Longshanks' Hill



Grant Hill / Hilldodger / Longshanks






What's your favourite trail?


Blacka Moor in the Peak - including the Devil’s Elbow descent and the climb from the ford to the sheep field.


What's your favourite bike of all time?


Graeme Obree’s Old Faithful - I love that his out of the box thinking made the UCI change the rules.


What's your current bike?


Genesis CdF, Genesis Equilibrium, Santa Cruz Tallboy


What's the best innovation in bikes or bike related stuff in the past 10 years?


Dropper posts


Why do you ride?


The somewhat cliched “sense of freedom” and the way that riding a bike helps clear my head. I like being outdoors with a sense of isolation, but also doing that from my front door, which means that I spent a lot of my bike time on bridleways/quiet roads on a dropped bar bike.

You can find Grant on Twitter: @grant_hill and Instagram @hilldodger