2023 Santa Cruz Hightower

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2023 Santa Cruz Hightower

Next in the Santa Cruz lineup to get a revamp is the Hightower.  Somewhat a "goldilocks" bike, the Hightower is one of our most popular models - sharing top step with the mixed wheel equivalent, the Bronson.  We're pleased to see Santa Cruz describe the new Hightower as 


"just a bike designed for all-terrain riding. You know, going up, down, along, around and over on trails, tracks and anything gritty, dirty, rough and fun"


It's that ideal do-it-all bike, for those of us who just stick kit on and go for a ride.  A bit of everything - climbs, descents, all great.  Looking for something with more travel, burlier build and DH bike capabilities - check the Megatower.  For lighter, sprightlier, see the Tallboy.  Otherwise, you'll likely be bang on with a Hightower!


The latest incarnation gets all of the updates we expected;

- Glovebox downtube storage with tool wallet and tube pouch

- longer reaches, slacker head angle, lower BB

- size specific chainstay lengths and frame stiffness

- suspension tweaks 

- revised build kits


There's then one aspect we didn't really expect - the aluminium version.  They'll be super-limited (as ever), but there will be an Aluminium version of the new Hightower following in a few months.


In terms of the Carbon builds, we have the following frame/kit combinations confirmed - check the Santa Cruz site for full build kit details

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C R Kit £5400

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C S Kit £6500

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C GX AXS Kit £7800

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C GX AXS Reserve Kit £8900

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon CC XO1 Kit £8300

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon CC XO1 Reserve Kit £9600

- 2023 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon CC Frameset £3700


The GX AXS kit is worth a closer look - much more than just the swap to AXS!  It gets the Performance Elite fork, Industry 9 hubs, Carbon bar and Code RS brakes.  More in common with the XO1 build than you might initially think.  If you'd prefer an S Kit with just the AXS upgrade - give us a shout!


All Hightowers are with an Air shock - if you're thinking along the lines of a Coil setup, then check out the Megatower.  The Hightower has been designed around air shocks - both in terms of shock actuation and in maximising dropper post clearance.



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