New bike - Bronson Carbon C

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New bike - Bronson Carbon C

Here's Lee's new Bronson!

Here's one of the first Bronsons to leave us this year, a rather fetching Industry blue one.  We've swapped a few bits around from the standard build to personalise this a little.  Nice!


Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon C

- Industry Blue

- Large

- S Reserve build kit

- "plus" wheel/tyre size with 37mm rims and 2.6" tyres

- set up tubeless

- Swap to Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes

- Custom blue master cylinder top caps, adjusters and caliper bore caps

- Swap to ODI lockons

- 18 Bikes top cap and mudguard to finish!


We'll aim to find time for better photos next time, apologies for these rushed ones!  


As ever, if you'd like a quote on a full custom build  - or swaps to a complete bike - just get in touch!




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