New Hope F22 and F12 pedals!

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New Hope F22 and F12 pedals!

The folks at Hope have been busy beavering away on a new flat pedal design and have now launched the new F22 pedal!  Replacing the F20, they've taken the excellent axle system and longevity, tweaking the points where the F20 was starting to fall short - pins and platform!

With a new, more concave shape and redesigned pins - the F22 is a fair departure from the outgoing model.  You can also tweak it using the provide pin spacers.  This is the same idea as used on the excellent Hope Union clipless pedals, where the pins thread in from below the pedal platform, making them much easier to remove/replace after bashing your pedals!

The F22 uses the same axle setup as the F20, with 3 bearings and an IGUS bush to spread the load and keep things turning.  As ever with Hope, the tool and parts are readily available to rebuild your pedals further down the line.

The pins are where we see a fairly significant change from the outgoing F20 pedal.  The F20 had 20 pins, the F22 has (you guessed it!) - 22 pins!  On the perimeter of the pedal body, there's 14 hex shaped pins with washers to adjust between either 5 or 6mm length.  These thread in from below the pedal body to avoid damage to the head - much easier to remove when they need replacing.  With a hex profile, they're grippier than the previous pins too!

In addition to this are a further 8 pins nearer the axle.  These are shorter at 4mm, adding to the concave shaping and helping to keep your feet on!


The shape of the pedal has changed, with neater webbing and no pins in the centre any more (we found that almost everyone left these off on the F20). The main change is to a significantly more concave shape, both side to side and fore/aft.  This is much better for your shoe to conform to the shape of the pedal, allowing you to drop your heels and hang off the pins for the descents.



As ever with Hope, this is a product that's designed, tested and then manufactured in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.  The usual range of anodised colours is available - choose from Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Orange or Purple.

The F22 is available to order now, click here to view on our website, or call in the shop!


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