Santa Cruz Reserve rims

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Santa Cruz Reserve rims

Reserve rims now available as a rim only option - custom build anyone?

When Santa Cruz launched their Reserve Carbon wheels, one of the questions we were asked was whether they'd offer a rim only option.  The answer is now YES!



We rate the DT Swiss and Industry 9 hubs that are used on the Santa Cruz wheelsets, but they give no options for colours, which folks understandably often want on an expensive wheelset.  Here in the UK, Hope are a very popular hub choice, so this now becomes an option too.



In terms of backup, you get the same lifetime warranty  - but in the event of a claim, you'd get a new rim rather than a wheel.  Pretty much as we'd expect!  Given the warranty backup, SC are asking that the rims are built up by the supplying dealer.  We're more than happy to build to an existing set of hubs, so that doesn't necessarily mean than you have to buy hubs from us too.


We've got a few sets of the Reserve rims in stock, the 27mm in both 27.5" and 29" as we see that as the most popular option.  Others are to order and we should see pretty prompt delivery form Jungle once the initial rush settles down a little. 

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Reserve rims are £580, including tubeless tape and valves.  Please contact us to discuss a custom wheelbuild, we can offer most hubs - Hope, Shimano, DT Swiss, Chris King, Acros and many more. 


To give an idea;

- Hope Pro 4 hubs

- DT Swiss Competition spokes, Black

- Santa Cruz Reserve rim


- includes tubeless tape and valves (fitted)






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