Sram AXS

Sram AXS

We were invited down to a Sram and Rockshox launch event, held yesterday at a brewery in Watford.  Yep, a piss up in a brewery!


Anyhow, Sram have once again smashed it - launching the new AXS wireless drivetrain and Rockshox Reverb AXS wireless dropper.  There's a range ofAXS road/CX drivetrain products too, but we're going to concentrated on the MTB bits as that's what's key to us here!  There's a lot of cross compatibility, so that wireless dropbar 1x bike with dropper is an option!


Sram X01 and XX1 Eagle AXS groupsets

AXS is the all-new wireless version of the ever popular Eagle 12 speed drivetrain.  It's super neat, with user configurable buttons to control shifting and/or Reverb AXS (more on that in a bit..)

Initially, Sram are launching Eagle AXS as full groupsets - with separates available later in the year for riders wanting to upgrade their existing Eagle drivetrain.  The mech and controller are the 2 key bits here, compatible with all Sram Eagle chainrings, cassettes and chains.

- Sram Eagle X01 groupset (for Enduro riders/racers) - £1900

- Sram Eagle XX1 Eagle AXS groupset (for XC riders/racers) - £1950

We've got X01 groupsets preordered to arrive with the limited initial delivery in March and can of course order the XX1 up for people too.  We're throwing in free fitting, your choice of DUB bottom bracket AND a spare battery.  Please contact us via email, phone or in the shop to discuss and get an order in place!


Rockshox Reverb AXS

Reverb's been included in the AXS range - using the same battery and wireless tech to control your dropper.  Reverb comes with its own button/remote, but can also use the user-configurable buttons on the Eagle AXS controller.  Tidy!

Another upgrade is the neat vent valve to remove trapped air from the post, no more sponginess!  This also means longer service intervals - 600 hours for a full strip/service.

- Rockshox Reverb AXS - £700


We have Reverbs preordered to arrive in that same March delivery, but again - don't hang about if you want to get in the queue!  We're throwing in free fitting and a spare battery with this too.

Have a browse by clicking the links above, see our social media for some of our own photos and videos - or give us a shout at the shop if you've any questions!




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